Chariot V2 (Silver)
Chariot V2 (Silver)
Chariot V2 (Silver)
Chariot V2 (Silver)
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Chariot V2 (Silver)

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About this X-Saber:

The Hilt is a full metal hilt. This particular hilt is made from aircraft grade aluminum. The Hilt is roughly 30cm in length and an diameter of roughly 3cm. This version is lighter than the previous. The blade is made from poly carbonate and designed for dueling. I would consider the blades to be the mid-grade variant.

Blade is included

Special Features

  • Sound. It would make a sound when you turn it on. It also has a natural humming sound while on. It would make a sound as you swing the saber and another sound when the you hit something. It also has a power off sound. There are 3 different types of sound so you can pick your favorite one.
  • 12 Different Colors. This saber features RGB, which means you can change the color with a simply press of the button. The colors are amber, arctic blue, blood orange, white, cyan, deep blue, green, indigo, light blue, lime green, medium blue, mint green, pink, purple, red and yellow.
  • Illuminated Switch. The switch will light up when turned on and charging.
  • Special illumination mode. The Chariot V2 features a mode that will cause it to continual flash (in white) and make loud noises.
  • Flash on Clash. The saber will flash (turn white for a brief moment and make a sound when you hit something)
  • USB charging cable, charger, battery and hex key included.


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