Why Choose Us

Ultra Sabers in Australia: Being a fan of the Ultra Sabers brand, I know how difficult it can be to get an Ultra Saber to Australia. The shipping can be very pricey, up to $100 for the shipping alone and it can take up to 2 weeks for delivery. Here I aim to get you the product you want in the fastest time frame possible.

Care put into every Saber: The most important thing to us is customer satisfaction and that is why every single saber is carefully observed and tested. This ensures that when the saber gets to you, it is fully functional and of a high standard.

Genuine Ultra Saber Product: Here, you will only get genuine Ultra Sabers. The Sabers I provide will be of heavy grade quality, designed for combat.

Ongoing Support: We reply to all enquires. Any enquries, before and after you recieve your saber will be answer by a person who has the authority to solve your issues.

A Record of Results: I have been selling Ultra Sabers for some time now, on other websites and face to face. I have a 100% record of customer satisfaction.

Fast Shipping and Tracking: I will send out products within 1 Business day when order is place and will provide tracking as well.