BYO Sabers

Build Your Own Sabers

Welcome to the build your own saber range. We are so excited to be releasing this range and it has been over 6 months of working in the background to make this possible. Here you will be able to select whatever parts you want to make a unique saber. Not only that, you will be able to customize your saber later on by purchasing different parts. Here is how you do it.

A full hilt will need 4 parts. 1 from each category

  • Base - This forms the bottom of your hilt and will close of the bottom section. It is connected to the middle. Each hilt should only have 1 Base part.
  • Mid - This forms the middle of your hilt. It connects to the base and the switch. The Mid parts are about 5-8cm long and more than 1 can be used for your hilt if you want to add extra length. Each hilt should have 1-3 Mid parts.
  • Switch - This forms the switch and internals for your hilt. This is were the electronics are stored. This connects to the Mid and Top of your hilt. Each hilt can only have 1 Switch part.
  • Top - This forms the top of your hilt. The Top parts have more complex designs and you can get really creative here. This connects to the switch and has the opening for the blade to be inserted. Each hilt should only have 1 Top part.

Other Notes about BYO Sabers

All parts are made from metal and are very durable. Screw will be included when ordering 2 or more parts.

Be sure to purchase a blade as well if you do not have one.