Ultra Sabers

Buyer's Guide

Hi and thanks for taking some time to browse our Ultra Saber range. This sabers are from Ultra Sabers and are brand new. When I was buying Ultra Sabers, I was confused about the different types and options. After weeks of researching and buying, I understood the differences a lot better. Here, I will attempt to give you more specific info, so you can make a better choice on what suits you.

Initiate and Apprentice Vs Other Ultra Sabers

The Initiate and Apprentice are shorter than the regular sabers. The Initate and Apprentice have a hilt length of about 25cm. Regular sabers are about 30cm in length

LE Vs non-LE

LE sabers have 2 colours on the hilt. Non-LE have 1 colour on the hilt. For example, The Dark Sentinel LE is black with silver stripes. The Dark Sentinel is pure black.

V3 Vs V4

V3 and V3 have a similar design. The difference is V4 Hilts will have windows near the top of the hilt to display the light. V3 sabers will not have the window.